Bunker 360 the leading provider in hotel panic button and safety solutions protects your staff, guests, and visitors. Hotels and hospitality groups have local laws or corporate mandates to comply with employee safety device (ESD) programs. The Bunker 360 Safety Button Solution keeps housekeeping attendants, room attendants, room service staff, and other hotel personnel safe from harm and danger.

Our safety button is an easy to install solution with competitive pricing. We are rapidly growing in the Miami, Illinois, and New Jersey markets. As your safety partner we understand how critical a seamless integration into your facility means. Our dedicated support is ready to help your hotel or hospitality group implement our turnkey safety solutions.

Our brand motto “Safety and security – whether your employees’ or your guests’ – is our top priority.”

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Bunker360 team is to provide customers and their employees with a combination of quality, reliability, sustainability, and convenience, along with excellent customer service, an easy process to order and implement Safety Button Solution. Our brand motto “Safety and security – whether your employees’ or your guests’ – is our top priority.”

Human trafficking statement

Bunker 360 knows the hospitality industry as of lately has been a place of fear for many. In the United States, thousands of women and children are exploited and trafficked through the hospitality system. Bunker360 is committed to doing a part in trying to end this horrific practice, While we do our part in providing a Safety Button Solution to help empower those who are in the forefront of this, there are still many more steps and practices that could end this forever. Bunker360 has committed to working with as many agencies and the hospitality industry as much as possible to educate and eradicate hotel human trafficking.

We at Bunker360 strongly agree with and support the AHLA and major brands in the development of the 5-Star Promise to include the complete eradication of human trafficking and AHLA’s No Room for Trafficking. We believe we have a responsibility to educate and train our people and clients to be active participants in this fight. It is our responsibility as a community to learn how to identify signs of human trafficking. If you ever witness human trafficking, you can report it in multiple ways:

you can call 1-800-373-7888;
and you can send a text to 233-733 (local data charges may apply);
you can call hotel security to report your suspicions.
Report it online at Human Trafficking Hotline;
We can all do a small part and work as a community in this fight to eradicate human trafficking.